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It's time to say goodbye

Hi, I won’t beat around the bush. I’ll get right to it and say I am permanently shutting down Healers of the Valley.  There, I said it. It's kind of like ripping off the bandage and now the healing truly begins.

The decision comes with mixed emotions but there is no doubt this is the right decision for me. Panic attacks and migraines have become a normal occurrence in my life and it took a while to see the pattern. Every time I got on the computer to work with HOTV the panic attacks hit. Things became so bad I sought help, started meds, and have become a recluse in my home unless I am with my husband.

About a month ago I started working with one of the most powerful spiritualists I have ever met. Sometimes a person crosses your path and you just know there is an answer to be found through them. He is a healer’s healer and my fractured mind has already started repairing layers of pain and torment.

I no longer have any desire to put effort into HOTV. For almost a decade I sacrificed time and money (so much money!) on building the expo and promoting members. Last year was set to be our first truly successful outcome. One where the cost of the venue and marketing were not only covered but there was a profit as well. I was going to be able to pay myself for the first time!

What a disaster that year turned into. I lost the magazine (E.P.I.C. Grand Valley Magazine) AND I had to refund almost $20,000 to vendors. Ouch!

There is no joy in trying to rebuild. Frankly, I don’t want to invest the time and funding required to go forward. Especially with the risk-all contracts offered by the venue. Nope, that is a hard pass for me.

As I write this I feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders and a sense of peace that is filling my soul. I will always be involved in healing in some format, just not sure where the universe is leading me at the moment.

For now, I look forward to supporting my husband as he performs his stand-up comedy. I look forward to painting, working with clay, and finishing the autobiography for Santino Akot, a Lost Boy of Sudan.

I am excited to find myself and curious to see who I can become.

The HOTV domain name expires in Sept. and the directory will remain up until GoDaddy removes it.  All paid memberships will be suspended so that no more payments are incurred. All paid memberships will be upgraded to the Promotion Giant so you can add banner ads, unlimited events, etc. The event calendar will remain available, however, I will no longer push events to our social media platforms.

If you want to add events to our Meetup group just join and then email me. I will add you as an administrator and you can post your events there as well through September 4th when the subscription runs out. If you would like to take over that group please contact me. There are currently 542 members.

Our other social platforms will start shutting down in the coming weeks. It will be a process for me because as I mentioned, I have to work through panic attacks to accomplish anything right now.

Thank you for your friendships and the work we’ve done together. If you ever need me please email me at Kathie.fingerson@gmail.com.  I will be available for consultations (paid of course) and freelance graphic design.  You can also text me at 970-462-5290.
Many blessing, and much love,