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Location, location, location

Tradeshows - Location Matters

When you decide it is time to participate in tradeshows, there are several factors to consider, and location of the event is a big one. It can be disheartening to invest in products, promotions, and samples then end up marketing to the other vendors because there are so few visitors!  The venue's history and promoter's experience will affect how successful the event is for vendors. Read more. 

Tradeshows, Are They for You? 

Alternative Health ExpoShould you participate in tradeshows? If you need to educate the public about who you are, what you do, or new products then yes, you should participate in tradeshows. These are the perfect opportunity to connect with potentially new clients, and other like-minded businesses. 

To be successful, you have to determine the objective for the event. In other words, introducing a new company or brand, introducing a new service, reinforcing an existing company, or showing a new product. Read more

Thriving at TradeshowsThriving at Tradeshows: Design Attraction

Evoke emotions

Have you ever been drawn to a display even though you have no idea what the product is? That’s called design attraction and it could be as simple as being drawn to textures, colors, or movement. Probably it was some combination of all 3.

Textures can vary from smooth to shiny, soft, or luxurious. Mixing and contrasting can take a display from a dull, flat arrangement to a warm country trend or something chic and sophisticated, or anything in between.  Read more