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Graphic Design Matters

There is graphic design and then there is graphic design for alternative health. What's the difference you ask? There is a big difference! Alternative health is a way of living, Intentions AHE14believing, projecting, and helping others. The graphic design for these businesses need to convey those values in the layers of artwork, and how they are combined together.

A wellness practitioner has often invested an enormous amount of time discovering their talent, researching modalities, and making the commitment to step out of the shadows and into the community spotlight. Many have an idea or a vision of what their logo should be and not be. It takes a deep understanding of these factors to build designs that reflect the integrity involved.

Whether it is an ad for a website, or a company logo, we take each piece seriously and to heart. The colors involved, the subject matter, the intention used in creation. These are all a part of what empowers a design and why it is important for alternative health businesses to choose a designer that understands these needs. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation, see how we can empower a design for you! Email to set an appointment or call 970-639-0819.

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