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Simple Lifestyle Changes for Back Pain Relief and Improved Sleep Quality

Back pain can cause health problems that often go unnoticed. Along with discomfort, pain can also make it more difficult for you to get enough sleep.

Pain affects everyone, regardless of gender, age, or other factors. Finding the root causes of pain requires help, but there are lots of ways you can reduce back pain and get a good night’s sleep sooner.

Let Technology Help You

It may surprise you that your smartphone can actually help you fall asleep quicker. Phones can help you access meditation, relaxation, and sleep tracking apps. Meditation techniques can also help reduce back pain. Consider trying the following apps:

Calm: available through iOS and Android. This app offers different types of meditation programs, including a program that helps you meditate 10 minutes per day. Other options include 3- to 25-minute meditation sessions, videos, and calming music.The app is free but offers in-app purchases.

Omvana is another meditation app that can help you focus, relax, and get a better night’s sleep. You can choose from programs with qualified instructors. The basic version of this app is free.

Sleep Cycle is an app that tracks your sleep cycles so you can understand yourself a bit better.. The app informs you of obstacles to getting a good night’s sleep.

Keep in mind that running apps on your smartphone requires enough memory and power. If your current device is running slowly, you many want to look into investing in a newer high-functioning phone. See if your provider offers trade-in deals for new or refurbished devices.

Delegate Tasks

Of course, you still have to go about your day, though some of the chores can cause health issues. Straining yourself to lift heavy objects or perform certain tasks may cause back pain, according to Healthline.

Delegating tasks that are too difficult to do is essential for resting your back. If it’s in your budget, you can consider hiring a maid service. You would then only be responsible for lighter cleaning that’s easier for you, and you can let the maid service do deep cleanings that are more physically demanding.

If you have a garden or large yard, consider hiring professional landscapers to take care of it. Tasks such as trimming and pruning trees, or mowing the lawn are both consuming and may provoke pain.

Incorporate Relaxation Techniques

Loss of sleep increases stress. Luckily, yoga and stretching exercises can help you relax and release tension. The Huffington Post explains that yoga can help you slow down and relieve symptoms of insomnia. An evening yoga class or an at-home video tutorial is a great way to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Other relaxation techniques can help, such as breathing exercises and guided imagery. Walking is also a great way to burn off energy and help you get to sleep.

While it’s true that exercise comes with an array of benefits, you may have to sometimes lay low on activities that cause you to strain your muscles. By incorporating soothing activities into your daily routine, getting help, and even using apps, you can fight back pain and get a better night’s rest.

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