Brand-logo - Healers of the Valley

Healers of the Valley brand logoBranding contained in a logo

If you believe your mission statement or brand awareness is important then it only makes sense that your graphic logo reflect those values. When we designed our logo we wanted to convey the most important aspect of our business, in fact it is our mission statement; Building the bridge between the community and alternative health. Take a closer look at our design.

You can see the community reflected on the top with the five figures. Their arms are raised in joyful anticipation as they welcome new wellness options. Five represents emotional, physical, mental, Spiritual, and Akashic records. All aspects that are necessary for enlightenment. 

The bridge is a simple wooden structure, I see it as soft maple. This wood is symbolic of spirituality, healing, cleansing, intelligence, knowledge, focus, communication, binding, love, and prosperity. Everything our company strives to bring our members and consumers. 

Lastly, alternative health is shown as a lotus flower, an ancient symbol of purity of body, speech, and mind. This is combined with the Hermes staff, also know as a caduceus. This is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped it is an ancient symbol of commerce, although it in the U.S..... it has become a symbol of medicine. Snakes have long represented rebirth and renewal, while the wings show they are graced by a higher power. The staff represents  authority, leadership.

Finally, notice the colors used are the chakras starting with the base represented by red on the top left side. Moving right through the community, and then down through the lotus flower, all but one of the chakras are shown ending with Source represented by the color white. This is an important component because it's a symbol of balance from the inside out. 

Bringing all of these elements together empowers the mission statement to reach for the highest good in all those we serve and all that we do. We would be honored to help you bring your brand alive, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.  Email to set an appointment or call 970-639-0819.