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Seeds of change are floating in the air!Marketing Specialist for Alternative Health

We believe you should have the time to concentrate on your specialized skills and products and not have to worry about researching how and where to advertise your alternative health business! Marketing can be confusing and frustrating when it isn't your primary objective. You can be wonderfully creative, and still not have the time or skills to build an effective ad, or put together an in-depth marketing funnel. Our business is built around our mission statement; building the bridge between the community and alternative health. That is what we focus on, and where our energy flows!  Learn more

Join Us!

Our mission is to build the bridge between the community and alternative health Reach for the sky and welcome those involved in holistic wellness. Consumers are looking for your special skills and products, help them find you! Members have a variety of resources to create better relationships with potential clients. Add your bio, products, events, videos, testimonials, and more!  Learn more


Time to Heal!Alternative Health Directory

The best wellness options in one convenient location. Easily navigated with a variety of search options, and visible cues to instructors, practitioners, healing partners, and product representatives. 

Learn about the variety of services in your area along with available products. Many of our members work remotely as well as locally, so if you find something you need go ahead and contact them for more information. Search now

Branding contained in a logo

If you believe your mission statement or brand awareness is important then it only makes sense that your graphic logo reflect those values. When we designed our logo we wanted to convey the most important aspect of our business, in fact it is our mission statement; Building the bridge between the community and alternative healthTake a closer look at our design.

Thank you for fulfilling my soul contractGraphic Design Matters

There is graphic design and then there is graphic design for alternative health. What's the difference you ask? There is a big difference! Alternative health is a way of living, believing, projecting, and helping others. The graphic design for these businesses need to convey those values in the layers of artwork, and how they are combined together. Learn more