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Simple marketing funnel systemMarketing Funnels: Do you need one?

There are lots of times when you clients that really want your product or service, but are they able to afford it? A qualified lead is one that not only wants your product but can also afford it. How do you weed those out when mass marketing? This is when the use of a marketing funnel makes sense.

Look at the image and you can see a simplified explanation of how a funnel works. It starts with marketing to you interested target, then narrowing the message to those that are interested and willing to pay for your product and services. This is a very important step in focusing your marketing efforts to those that make a difference in your ROI - return on investment. 

You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing to a wide audience, but only reach a small percentage of those who have an impact on your profits. A marketing funnel creates a relationship with consumers and solidifies your expertise through solid steps so your potential clients know they can trust you, and that they will benefit from your product or services.  These clients then become the mechinism that carries your brand forward through reveiws, testimonials, and positive word-of-mouth.  

Consumers today rely on what others are saying about your business. You can say anything you want when you advertise, but unless you have satisfied customers it does not matter! The use of a marketing funnel leads to higher customer satisfaction because it not only gets the right product in the right hands, it gives you the opportunity to be fluid in your business as you adjust to what consumers are looking for, and what problems need to be solved. 

Marketing funnels are customized to promote your product and brand in the most effective manner. We would love to help you through the maze of how to use a funnel, and how it would apply to your business. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more. Email to set an appointment or call 970-639-0819.