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Members have an abundance of tools and resources at their fingertips! 

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Member Home Page

The member home page gives you access to all of the tools and resources included with your membership. Start here to add your blogs, events, testimonials, products, videos. Build your profile and update information quickly. We've put what you need in one easy place, plus we are adding new resources in the near future! 

Navigation is easy on Healers of the ValleyMultiple Tools at Your Fingertips

Looking at the calendar and want to add an event? Easy! Once you log in, you can use the top menu to get exactly where you need to be to enter the information. Anything you need to add, that is available through your membership, is available through the top menu and Member Home page.  Your time is too valuable to spend searching around! Our navigation makes it seamless and time-efficient to add what you need and then get on with the rest of your day! 

Side menu icons help you navigateTop Menu, Anywhere, Anytime

The top menu gives you access to your resources no matter where you are on the website. No more having to go back to your Member Home page to reach the tools you want. Access them on the fly, anywhere, anytime. Just log in, and you are ready to take over the controls and create your way! 

Testimonials, Star Ratings, Blogs and More! 

Add professional testimonials Add Your Testimonials

Your clients love what you do and want others to know, that is why they wrote that testimonial. Share it with the world and allow your light to shine. Now everyone can see your expertise through the words of others. Adding it is simple, just log in and use the Testimonial button on your member page, then copy and paste in your information. 

Testimonials show up on your public profile so everyone can see you are loved! 

Your ratings just got better!Your ratings just went up!

Want to share some love? Add your rating to fellow members, and encourage your clients to share some love with you! Star ratings give consumers a ton of information at a glance and consumers trust other consumer opinions. Share your profile link with clients and ask for their feedback.

This is great way to build your reputation and increase awareness of your professional skills! 

Side icons let you jump between pagesIcons on the Side Menu

Want to get back to your Member Home page while editing your profile? Easy, use the small green house icon with the black M on it,  at the top of the page you are working on, and it takes home right away. Searching the directory and want to start over again? Use the directory icon (multi-colored stacked diamonds) at the top left corner of the results page to jump back quickly.  Your effort spent using the website is fast and straightforward, just like it is supposed to be! 

Adding alternative health events are easy! Adding Events? Wham, Bam, DONE!

Now you can add your alternative health events to the public calendar in a fraction of the time! List your details, add the venue, setup recurring times and dates, then add your favorite image to top it off! You can set up a whole year in just a few minutes, and edit, delete, or update anytime you want!  

Plus, we push the events to our social media calendars for FREE! 

Search high and low for the best alternative health professionalWe make it easy to be found! 

We are on a mission to tell the community about the amazing services you provide. That is why we have an advanced search option for consumers to locate exactly what they need and want around the country. Search by a variety of options, including, state, specialty, and practitioner name. When a basic search just isn't enough, we have the tools to go deeper!