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Healing with LightMy Light Experience

A couple of months ago I was driving to see a client with a building headache. The drive was just under 2 hours and not one I particularly enjoy because the scenery is somewhat bland. I was nervous about a headache since I am prone to migraines that come with light sensitivity and vomiting.

 I worried this was going to get out of control before I could get back to my home office, but not I was not was willing to cancel my trip. My client was in the midst of implementing a marketing campaign and this trip was to film the social media commercial.

By the time I got to her office, I was putting my best smile on trying to project upbeat, positive energy. She had offered me a test session with LED lights that create harmonic tuning for one’s body.  I thought laying on her table under warm lights was an excellent opportunity to regroup and try to de-escalate my head.

As I lay there I started to realize the lights were doing more than helping me calm down, they were taking the edge off and I started to drift away from my anxiety. Body aches went away, my back unknotted, I could breathe deeply again. By the end of the session, I was pain-free and felt a sense of relaxation I had not expected.

 It is hard to think that red and blue LED lights would have much effect on you, especially when your body is heading toward a revolt. Yet, the results were unmistakable. I felt human again and ready to do my job with the passion I’ve come to expect.

If you haven’t tried harmonic lights I highly recommend a session. I don’t take OTC  painkillers or prescriptions so having a passive, effective, treatment option has made a huge difference and I feel comfortable with long-term results.

Harmonic LED lights are FDA cleared and treat more than just pain. They are an effective tool in the healing process and work wonders for teens controlling acne.


If you are in the Montrose, CO area, stop by Quantum Connections and see owner Leslie Schroer. Her energy and intuitiveness combine to create the perfect healing session and I know you’ll love her.

Kathie Fingerson, owner Healers of the Valley.