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Reiki works for mesothemliomaThe Benefits of Reiki for Mesothelioma Patients  August 29, 2018. 

Reiki helps to reduce the amount of stress that is felt in the body, which helps to relieve tension. Not only will the user be able to achieve his or her unique energy balance in spirit, mind, and body, but also he or she will be able to enhance the body’s natural healing mechanisms. That’s why this form of therapy is often found to enhance the health of those suffering from acute illnesses.

This form of therapy helps the body to heal and become less tense by helping to lower blood pressure, heart rate and levels of stress in the body. Because much of the foundation of this therapy is based on ancient Eastern medicine, there are currently only theories on exactly how Reiki is able to heal. The rapid responses of the human body to this therapy, on multiple levels, suggest that the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing effect of this therapy is activated on a sub-physical level, most likely in the biofield. 

The biofield is a term adapted by modern science for the complexly layered, vibrating energy field said to penetrate and surround every living thing. The biofield is very subtle and to date there is no technology that can prove the existence of the biofield or study it in depth. Multiple medical systems, however, have recognized an evenly pulsing, balanced biofield surrounding every living thing since ancient times. A disruption in the balance of this energy field is often seen to be the beginning of an illness.

Many indigenous cultures around the world include vibration as part of their ceremonies, such as drumming, use of instruments such as the tamboura and the didgeridoo and through the use of humming, chanting and overtoning. Science has proven that the use of vibration in music and sound can be very useful to the human body. It is theorized that the benefits of this therapy make use of the same vibrating mechanism. 

A common belief is that the hands of the therapeutic practitioner have the necessary energy vibrations the body of the patient needs for wellness. The effect of the therapy can be seen as a change in the attention with which the patient realizes the wellness deep inside him or her no matter what the current level of health may be. This therapy can be compared to entraining the patient to a balanced state in the same way that grandfather clocks will automatically adjust to the same rhythm of the dominant clock in the room. 

Many practitioners of this therapy have found that this therapy is unique in comparison to similar therapies such as Thai Chi or Yoga; it is actually closer to meditation. 

Those suffering from acute illnesses such as cancer or mesothelioma have found that this therapy helps to not only relax them when they are stressed out, but also to help to relieve pain and other symptoms. More about this illness can be found out at

If you or someone you care about suffers from mesothelioma, consider Reiki therapy. is a comprehensive online resource guide on mesothelioma cancer. Detailed information on symptoms, causes and treatment are readily available at the site and through request. August 29, 2018.