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Foot ZoningStep into the Foot Zone

Have you ever had one of those days where you can feel the stress pulsating through your system? It doesn’t take much to blow, and even a simple interaction can cause you to overreact, becoming a person you don’t want to be. 

How do you regain your balance and harmony?  First, make your well being a priority. I know you have obligations and the world is pulling in a thousand directions.  Taking a few minutes to reboot your true self will go a long way toward allowing the pieces around you fall into place easier and with more synchronicity.  There is a technique called Foot Zone therapy that can affect your whole body, mind, and spirit with the first session. 

This healing method uses the energy connections located in your feet to reach throughout your system and re-harmonize the flow. Think of it as a way to untangle the cords pulled by life.  Therapists are specially trained to feel these sensors in your feet and massage them into harmony.

If you are familiar with Reflexology, it may seem they are the same thing. And there is a commonality, as both are used to restore harmony and balance by working on the feet. However, Reflexology uses reflexes while Foot Zoning uses energy centers.  

The session is comfortable and done while you lie on a massage table or sit in a comfortable reclining chair.  You remain fully clothed with your shoes off. A salve is applied by the therapist, who begins to massage your feet in a precise manner. You quickly slip off into a state of relaxation comparable to melting.

The real question is what can it do for you? So much! Your system has a natural balance between stress and calm; this session restores that balance by triggering the nerves to lower your adrenal levels and increase healing reactions. Breathing is less shallow, muscle tension loosens, digestion increases, and most find they sleep better with they are relaxed. The harmony you receive is incredible.

Sometimes we don’t realize how out-of-whack our bodies are until we get a reset, and wow!  The best part is (or maybe the most convenient) you don’t have to go to Bali to achieve this piece of heaven.

Leslie Schroer, the owner of Quantum Connections, has helped clients find that state of relaxation for many years as a trained and certified Foot Zoning practitioner. Her magic touch keeps her clients coming back every month to pamper themselvesFoot Zoning, and they leave feeling ready to take on the world.

One concern she often hears from her patients is they are ticklish. She handles this by adjusting the pressure to one that is comfortable and adding other relaxation techniques such as, water features, aromatherapy, and soft music. Sounds like a spa treatment to me!

The time you take for yourself not only benefits you, but it also makes your interactions with others better too. If you are ready for that aha moment, you can contact Leslie at 970-531-3244.