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Woman gettting a massageThe benefits of Japanese Massage

If you search online for Japanese massage, you can walk away with the wrong impression at first. A lot has been said and shown that correlates the general terms to sexist videos and misogynistic statements. Yet that really isn’t the heart of what Japanese massage truly incorporates. There are tremendous benefits from these techniques that developed long ago.

As with many Asian therapy techniques, there is a relaxation of mind, body, and soul to reach optimized serenity in both physical and mental health. Ancient methods have evolved into several variations that bring patients to a heightened state of inner peace through the manipulation of muscles and nerve centers, which detoxify the body’s system and release chaos that does not serve the client.

Many of us are in a heightened sense of awareness, or stress, as a normal daily condition. Receiving a massage in one of the Japanese techniques grounds a person and releases toxins built up from anxiety. It is quite fulfilling to take an hour or less out of a busy schedule for a healing session and leave feeling like a new person.

As with any massage, it is necessary to ask the right questions before anyone touches your body. Make sure the therapist is licensed properly and carries insurance. When you find the right masseuse, it may be the beginning of a long-term healing relationship that changes your life.

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