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Alternative Health Expo booth displaysThriving At Trade Shows – Booth Displays

When you walk into a store or visit an online retailer, how many times are you drawn to something that you weren’t thinking about earlier? What is it that grabs your attention, and how can you recreate that effect for visitors at a trade show? Let’s dive a little deeper to unravel the mystery.

The world is full of sensory triggers, and a lot of them are subliminal. For instance, some sunsets are more stunning than others because of subtle differences in colors, temperature, and the scenery surrounding it. Unless you are looking at the details of the imagery, you may not notice what is making the evening's visual just mediocre or AMAZING.

Your space at a trade show should be amazing, too, and not just mediocre. The amount of foot traffic will increase exponentially if you prepare well and pay attention to the little things to set it apart.

Creating a booth display should involve color coordination, compatible temperature hues, and texture that pulls everything together. Visualize a table without a cloth that only contains objects lying flat; it is hard to get excited about from a distance. On the other hand, now see the table draped in color with objects of varying height and textures; it draws you into the scene more. trade show booth display item

The table is just a small portion of your space, though. A 10x10 booth leaves plenty of room for accessorizing to enhance the area as a showcase for your services or products.  Keep in mind that a busy visual can work against you as well. It is better to create a space that isn’t too crowded but rather one that is welcoming.

Different professions also require different strategies. For instance, a holistic massage booth that is giving mini sessions needs room for the massage table as well as room for the masseuse to walk around. In this instance, the focal point is the demonstration table, rather than a branded table with literature.

A retail space may recreate a small store or component of a store. This type of area is familiar to visitors, and they know how to flow through and what to expect — a display of items, choices of products, and a payment point. Here the displays are balanced between enough inventory to create interest and avoiding overload that causes choice paralysis.  A well-managed inventory is also easier to track if there are multiple customers at the same time.

Product intrade show booth display itemtroductions may focus the entire booth on educating the consumer. What, why, how, and where to place orders are all components that worth addressing through visuals and various media. Keeping things in a logical order can take the visitor on through a learning flow without it feeling overwhelming. The use of sound and video is beneficial, as well.  

Information spaces should include a variety of display props other than just rack cards or flyers. Adding different methods of media to convey knowledge will reinforce what consumers learn by engaging multiple senses. Combining soft textures and lights break up the monotony while keeping the focus on the provided material.

Keep in mind that colors should complement your company logos and graphics. Doing so creates a visually appealing look that not only draws visitors to your space; it helps them remember your logo because it fits neatly into a picture they can compartmentalize.

Be aware of the temperature range with the colors used. A theme that is mainly warm with yellow tints in reds, greens, or browns gives a completely different feel than those same colors with tints of blue.  Stay within the “climate” of your scheme for a more aesthetic appeal. It is one of those subtleties that either draws or repels with an unconscious awareness of what is occurring. trade show display light therapy table

Before your next trade show, take a look at other booth displays similar to what you will provide. Find ones you like and ones you don’t like for comparisons on the use of colors and textures. Internet searches for images can inspire your next booth and increase the traffic through your space. Then get creative and have fun! 

This article is the eighth in a series of Thriving at Trade Shows as we prepare for the 2020 Alternative Health Expo. Check back weekly for new tips on how you can optimize the experience and make your participation a success!

Kathie Fingerson is the founder of the Alternative Health Expo which attracts thousands of visitors each spring to Grand Junction, CO. See more tips on creating a successful expo experience, click here.


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