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Preparing for a successful trade show requires thinking ahead about what you need when you need it, and making it easier to access. If you take the time to create a logistical plan, the event transport, setup, and breakdowns become more effective. There are a lot of components involved in creating your display area and you want to make sure you have everything you need when you get to the show.

This preparation requires that you think about every detail of your space. Creating a visual in your mind is a good place to start. However, it is important to create a physical practice display as well. A trial run is the only time you have to see what you have and how it fits together physically. Inevitably, there will be items you are missing, like pens or cords. Sometimes what you think will fit together looks completely different when put together. For instance, the space becomes too small or there is too much emptiness and you need fillers.

Once you have created a practice setup that you are happy with, it is time to figure out how to pack the items. It can save time and frustration when there are reason and logic in the way your containers are layered. For instance, let’s say you put your branded table cover on the bottom of a large tote. You will have to unpack everything to get to it. Since it is a table cover, it makes sense most of your event items will be on top of it for the final display. Therefore, it needs to be the last item packed, and hence, the first item unpacked.

Pulling out items to set aside before using them in the display creates mental chaos and increases stress. It is like dumping out a jigsaw puzzle. You know the picture, but you must sort the pieces first. If you pack logically, the pieces will be stacked properly, and the puzzle practically puts itself together as you unload.  

Doing your packing this way also gives you more time to ground yourself before the start of the show. If you are stressed as customers start coming by, they will sense it and walk past. Energetically, you are not at a welcoming point; you are in an ungrounded low vibration state. Efficiently packing allows you to mentally reach your high vibration state to welcome early birds and close deals more effectively.

Once you are all packed, it also gives you an idea of how much space you need to transport these items to the venue. Some shows may require multiple trips, bringing extra vehicles, or renting larger transport.  Make sure you know what the options are for unloading at the venue. Some accesses are easier than others.

After the event, you can repack the way you did before, albeit you should have less because of sales and giving away information. If you plan on participating in future events, it is nice to have a tote with the essentials you can easily pull out and that is ready to go. Restock supplies are easy as well.

Success at trade shows depends on a lot of things, but if you prepare the right way, things come together for a smooth and productive event. Taking the time to create a logistics plan will take a lot of unneeded stress away and give you more time to focus on your objective, having a profitable show.

Thriving at Trade Shows logo image. This article is the ninth in a series of Thriving at Trade Shows as we prepare for the 2020 Alternative Health Expo. Check back weekly for new tips on how you can optimize the experience and make your participation a success!

Kathie Fingerson is the founder of the Alternative Health Expo which attracts thousands of visitors each spring to Grand Junction, CO. See more tips on creating a successful expo experience, click here.

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