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Alternative Health Expo promotionsThriving At Trade Shows - Promoting Your Presence

Most trade show facilitators provide some form of promotion for the event; however, this does not mean you should leave everything to them. Your business has its internal source of clients and leads, and you want to tell them you are participating in the event.

Why? It may seem counter-intuitive to take the time to send out email blasts or post social media announcements when you are just a vendor. However, no one has a relationship with your clients the way you do, and when your company tells them they should go to the event, it carries a lot of weight.

Invite customers to visit you at a trade show through newsletters and posts, this brings a personal touch to the experience and is known to increase participation in individual spaces. Not only will you be meeting new potential clients at the event, but you also reinforcing relationships with current customers as well.

The best way to start that conversation is to create an email announcement letting them know the details of what, where, and when. Develop a simple script, like you are talking to friends, to get invitees excited about seeing you there. Tell them what you will be doing, any new ideas or products you’ll showcase.

Advertising does not need to be expensive either. If your customers come to your place of business, a poster placed in the lobby or front window is a great way to let everyone know. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will remain on their mind after they leave, so also place flyers or postcards nearby. This way, they can take the information with them, keeping the event awareness close at hand.

Social media has wonderful tools for event promotion that don’t cost anything and are easy to use. Odds are, the trade show is already on social media, so sharing is just a click and a post away.  The more people that know about the event, the more likely they are to show up and support your efforts.

A good strategy is to start your promotions about six weeks before the trade show with an initial email, posters, and posting. Then follow-up with a reminder a few days prior to spark their interest again.

Another way to generate pre-show awareness is by having a drawing for a special product or service. You can put this information in your promotions while letting them know the drawing will take place at the event. Keep your outlay in the item low but provide value to the customer. This small expense increases participation at your booth, and hence, the generated revenue or new appointments created.

Frequently a trade show facilitator has logos and pre-made posters or flyers you can use to promote the event. Official logos are useful when sending emails because it uses visuals already in place and creates familiarity with the event early on. You want everyone on the same page that this is the show they see advertised elsewhere.

Promoting yourself is a good thing when you participate in a trade show. It means higher foot traffic and increased activity at your booth. The time and money involved are low, yet the rewards are high. Create the best opportunity for success by letting clients know your business looks forward to seeing them at the event.

Thriving at Trade Shows logo imageThis article is the seventh in a series of Thriving at Trade Shows as we prepare for the 2020 Alternative Health Expo. Check back weekly for new tips on how you can optimize the experience and make your participation a success!

Kathie Fingerson is the founder of Healers of the Valley and the Alternative Health Expo. This event attracts thousands of visitors each spring to Grand Junction, CO. To learn more about the expo or to reserve your space, click here.