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 Thriving at Trade Shows: 

What you need to know

Trade show vendor with hand full of money and a big smileThriving At Trade Shows – Monetize the Event

Trade show participants sometimes find frustration that all of their work and involvement did not contribute to their revenue or gain future clients.  It begs the question, why?

Quite often, a vendor will participate in a trade show with high hopes but no strategy or goal. It takes more than hope to be successful; you need to what you are trying to accomplish so you can create a plan on how to get there.

Alternative Health vendor interacting with interested customersThriving at Trade Shows – Interacting With Visitors

There are two main components to participating in a trade show; the event planning and the interactions with visitors while there.  You can have all your ducks in a row before you get there; theme, strategy, logistics, etc., but if you don’t interact with the visitors well, you will not close the deal. Period.

Alternative Health expo vendor with medical items on tableThriving At Trade Shows - Logistics

Preparing for a successful trade show requires thinking ahead about what you need when you need it, and making it easier to access. If you take the time to create a logistical plan, the event transport, setup, and breakdowns become more effective.

Trade show booth displayThriving At Trade Shows – Booth Displays

When you walk into a store or visit an online retailer, how many times are you drawn to something that you weren’t thinking about earlier? What is it that grabs your attention, and how can you recreate that effect for visitors at a trade show? Let’s dive a little deeper to unravel the mystery.

Alternative Heatlh Expo promo imageThriving At Trade Shows - Promoting Your Presence

Most trade show facilitators provide some form of promotion for the event; however, this does not mean you should leave everything to them. Your business has its internal source of clients and leads, and you want to tell them you are participating in the event.

Alternative Health Expo productsThriving At Trade Shows – Product Choice

Participating in a trade show is exciting and fun, and it is also an investment. You can eliminate some of the stress by narrowing your inventory of product choices. Unless you are a retail store, having a limited number of items, and a higher inventory can work in your favor if you choose the right products for your event.

Alternative Health Expo themed spaces Thriving at Trade Shows: The Theme

When you participate in a trade show, it is necessary to have a theme for the goal you are trying to accomplish. An educational booth has different materials that a service booth or a product booth, and each has its nuance in logistics, strategy, and transactions.

Alternative Health ExpoThriving at Trade Shows – Be Prepared

So, you committed to doing the show! Congratulations, but don't relax quite yet. Things are just getting started, and you need to prepare. The first thing I do is develop a timeline. How long before the show, and what do I need to gather and create? 

Vendors at the Alternative Health ExpoThriving at Trade Shows: Reserving a Space 

Participating in a trade show is more than the space you occupy. The area you rent becomes a reflection of your business. It is an advertising piece in the marketing plan for your company. Talking points and ideals you project within that footprint must meet the standards of your organization. 

Visitors at the Alternative Health ExpoThriving at Trade Shows: Right Target, Right Venue?

It can be difficult to decide if you should participate in a trade show. The event is a form of advertising, and you need to evaluate the option from that perspective. Customers will flock to your space if you are aligned with their needs. 

Happy guests at the 2019 Alternative Health ExpoThriving at Trade Shows: Ask the Right Questions

By Kathie Fingerson

Businesses will often look at participating in trade shows to introduce themselves and new products to consumers. Some will have an enjoyable experience, others who are underprepared will struggle, and mostly, overpay for the experience.

Alternative Health Expo 2018

Alternative Health Expo- Read our Testimonials!

The Alternative Health Expo is growing into a destination event for our community. Our March 2019 event was a huge success with around 4000 visitors!  E.P.I.C.™ Grand Valley magazine launched their first issue, a wonderful publication dedicated to Empowering People and Inspiring Community.  Everyone had a great time and learned about lots of new and exciting healing techniques.