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Showcase your expertiseConsumers are hungry for wellness education.

Your writing helps educate and inform potential clients, so why not share it with more potential clients?

Did you know you can link your blogs and articles to your member profile? Just use the Blog button to create a new link. Add a title, description, and the link to where your blog is published. More consumers will find your educational insights and realize how knowledgeable you are. Log in now to get started

Plus, you can have your blog or article located on our website! Just email us a Word document that we can use to copy and paste onto a webpage. We’ll link it to our Home page, and to your profile!

This is a great way to gain new exposure and showcase your information. 

If you don’t have a published blog or article, you can still send it to us, and we’ll publish it! Consumers need what you have. Let’s make it easy for them to find!  Just follow these guidelines;


  • Create an original article or blog using Microsoft Word.
  • Keep it between 500 and 1500 words.
  • Email it to info@healersofthevalley.com
  • (Optional) Send a graphic* to go with it. 

We’ll send you a link to the finished article or blog on our site so you can share it as well.

Of course,  if you need help, please contact kathie@healersofthevalley.com  for assistance.

We want you to Succeed!

*By submitting a graphic you are stating you have permission to use this graphic without any copyright infringement.


Creating a good bio is easy using this technique. 

Writing about yourself can be difficult if it is not something you often do. However, there are times you need to create a bio to complete a profile. So how do you write about yourself and feel comfortable with it? 

First, don’t think of it as bragging, think of it as a business introduction.  You want to convey enough information to let the other person know how you can help solve their problems, without getting too caught up in minor details.

It is a good idea to put together a few talking points that convey the most important aspects of who you are. Here are some techniques to help you narrow down what is essential, and to avoid unproductive information.
  • Keep it simple, but interesting - focus the talking points
  • Tell why you are doing what you do – what led you to start the company
  • Make it relevant to clients – how can they relate to the information?  What do you have in commonYou are the best!
  • How can you help clients – what problem does it solve; pain relief, stress reduction, etc.
  • What makes you different than others that provide this service?
Start with a blank page and write out as much as you can regarding these points. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, or creating a story, just write.  

Then go back and pull out the most crucial information from each area and create a new paragraph. Now reread it. Your goal is to develop a piece of writing that flows well and stays on the right track: why the client should pick you. 

I like to write, read, edit, and then read it out loud. If I can't get through it smoothly, it isn't finished. If I get lost along the way, I need to edit it, and if I find it boring others will too.

Keep working on it until you have something that speaks true to you, and then save it for use on profiles you create. It will make your talking points consistent, and readers will begin to recognize you across multiple platforms.

Get Exposed!

Positive exposure can increase the results of your marketing. Your profile on Healers of the Valley has a variety of ways for you to show consumers who you are and showcase your expertise.

  • Videos are today's #1 way of advertising, and a great way to build a relationship with potential clients!  A strong message about how your services solve consumer problems will encourage them to set an appointment.  Includes a link back to your profile!
  •  Products on your profile create depth. Use this tool to help consumers complete a call-to-action. Add a description and photo through the My Products button and link it to the purchase page on your business website. Includes a link back to your profile!
  • Events listed on the calendar. Having an event is a great way to get potential clients in front of you. Adding one to your profile is easy to do and simple to maintainAlternative health events calendar.  Your events get automatically pushed to our social media channels and reach an additional 2800 consumers! Includes a link back to your profile!
  •  Blogs; you write it, we'll share it! Blogs are a fabulous way of providing education on your specialty and newest products.  Add a direct to your blog on your profile. Consumers are always eager to learn something new. 
  • Social Media connections. A vast majority of holistic and wellness clients frequent some form of social media on a frequent basis. If you have accounts your regularly update, then you need to share these with consumers as a way to showcase your professional knowledge.  Our setup is user-friendly; with a couple of clicks, you can add links to your pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
  •  Banner Ads are awesome! This tool is the perfect way to call attention to your sales specials!  These ads are located on the most popular pages of our site and rotate with each page refresh.  They are easy to add, just use My Banner Ads from your member home page. You’ll stand out in the crowd with the right message! 

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Building Relationships 

All relationships go through necessary first steps that determine whether there is a connection between the parties. It is important you create the right impression to ensure those introductions are productive and successful.
The first thing people notice is visual. Whether you meet in person, or someone is looking at your information online, a picture speaks volumes about your professionalism.  Although yoexpert introductionsu shouldn't "judge a book by the cover," most will have an initial assessment of where to categorize you within their mental library.  It saves time and effort if you know what your target market expects, and then cater to their needs, even if it is just a little bit.

It is essential to take your time building an online profile. You are not just entering data and moving on. You are creating that first visual, an introduction, and hoping to make someone want to explore further.  

  • Pick the best graphics, write the best biography. Telling the story takes practice. Don't be afraid to go back and make changes. Does it reflect who you are now? Does anything need to be added or deleted? You may miss new clients if your latest product or service isn't listed.
  • Check for typos and clarity. Make sure it reads well and flows smoothly. Minor adjustments can greatly increase your leads.
  • Update Credentials. Has anything expired? Consumers will notice if your information is out of date.
  • Use valid contact info. Only list phone numbers and email addresses you actually monitor. I once had a client who used an email he "never checked".  Why show clients a door you aren't going to open??

 It doesn't take much to make a good impression, just keep your client in mind and make it relevant to them.